Riot Games League of Legends API Challenge 2.0

The Challenge

Upon the success of their first competition, Riot Games released the next iteration of their API challenge, dubbing it API Challenge 2.0. Of the three devilishly intriguing categories, I chose to demonstrate the difference in Ability Power Item usage before and after the patch.

The Solution

Effects Of AP Item Changes

You can view a description of how I solved this challenge on the landing page of the site. Just in case, here's a synopsis:

In patch 5.13, Riot introdued a flurry of changes across League of Legends' Ability Power items. You can read about the changes here. How exactly did these changes affect your favorite champions? What's the new meta item for your playstyle? Check out the results here!!

This data is pulled from approximately 60,000 ranked matches played in the NA, KR, and EUW regions; about 30,000 from patch 5.11, and the other half from 5.14. The first big task was to mine the data from the Riot Games API. I set up twenty-four concurrent Node Express servers that pinged the API, and then stored the relevant infomation in a Mysql database using raw query strings. I then set up the routes for the default landing page and each champion page using Handlebars to render the views. I deployed the project to my already existing Digital Ocean droplet at I used PM2 and Nginx to set it up under a reverse proxy. Many thanks go to Data Dragon for the images used on the site!

I built this as a challenge for Riot Games' API Challenge 2.0. You can view the source code on my GitHub. Fork it over if you'd like to contribute! If you have any questions/comments, or if you're curious about other game data, contact me here.

Thanks for checking it out!!